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The problem with having a wide range of interests is that some of them are hard to classify and do not sit happily in the pigeon holes prepared for other material (or into which my readers have classified it).

Until I think of a better idea, it is going to have to sit here.


The first link is to a site supporting a rather splendid book that should set the standard in how to do things and shows what long term historical research is really all about. I was involved in this in some small way but despite that cannot commend it highly enough

The next site contains a great deal of information straightforwardly presented

Views, opinions and points of interest

This piece was written in response to a suggestion that I occasionally resorted to Americanisms. Suitably horrified I investigated the matter with the following findings (proving to my entire satisfaction that the suggestion was untrue, at least in respect of the examples quoted. All is not as it seems

Truly Random

Various photos that variously, appeal, annoy or intrigue the author; I can't add more than that really.