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Less frequently than I would like, writing and research does make it into print. My first books were published by Douglas Rose, and we all learnt a lot about publishing. In particular we learnt that the publishing part was the easy bit. The euphoria produced when the boxes of wonderfully produced books were unpacked soon diminished as one discovered that shifting a ton or so of them afterwards was not at all fun, nor was enjoying the space they took up as the slowly diminishing residue gathered dust and became out of date. But writing cannot be discontinued on the flimsy grounds that it is difficult. I switched to Capital Transport (who deals with the horrors at the publishing end) and also assemble and publish books on a commission basis under my own imprint-Nebulous books; that way the commissioner has the fun of distributing.

Books published by Capital Transport Publishing

These may be purchased from all good bookshops (and doubtless others) but not from me.

  • The Victoria Line - A short history (1988) ISBN 1 870354 02 8
  • The Northern Line (second edn 1999) ISBN 1 85414 208 9
  • The Jubilee Line (2000) ISBN 1 85414 220 8
  • The Bakerloo Line (second edn 2001) ISBN 1 85414 248 8
  • The Metropolitan Line (2003) ISBN 1 85414 275 5
  • The Victoria Line (second edition 2004) ISBN 1 85414 281 X
  • The District Line (2006) - ISBN 1 85414 292 5
  • The Piccadilly Tube - A History of the First Hundred Years (2007) - ISBN 978 1 85414 305 1 (Hardback)
  • London’s District Railway, Volume 1 - A History of the Metropolitan District Railway, Volume 1, the Nineteenth Century (2018) - ISBN 978-1-85414-425-6
  • London’s District Railway, Volume 2 - A History of the Metropolitan District Railway, Volume 2, the Twentieth Century (2019) - ISBN 978-1-85414-430-0

Books by Nebulous Books

The Last Link - The First 30 Years of the Hampstead Railway - ISBN 978 0 9507416 6 6

150 Years of the The Hammersmith & City Railway - ISBN 978 0 9507418 9 0. This book was published jointly with London Underground Ltd and is available from the LT Museum (but not from me).

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Errors and Omissions

It doesn't matter how hard one checks a book, there is almost always some horror that gets through the process. In addition, of course, no history can ever be complete, so new information can come to light which opinion, and sometimes stated fact, as wrong, or at least outdated. As I try and keep a live draft up to date anyway it seems helpful to set them out here, so if you are using a book for something vital you can just check that some error that might be relevant has not been picked up.

If you notice any more, by the way, I'd be glad to hear from you

Other Transport

The Aldwych Branch of the Piccadilly Line (with Antony Badsey-Ellis). Capital Transport 2009 - ISBN 978 1 85414 321 1 (Hardback)