Network Rail stations directly operated


The whole of the main line railway infrastructure in the UK is owned by Network Rail. Most stations are leased to the predominant operator but as part of the privatization process it was felt that the larger stations would be too burdensome for train operators to deal with and a small number of the very largest (and Gatwick, which is not large) would be carved out of the process and left to the infrastructure operator to manage. The current list is given on the right.

It might be conceded there was some logic in this given the huge property opportunities (or complications) for which a long term view needs to be taken. As owner, Network rail should be doing this anyway with all its stations. Another justification is fairness and equality of service to all operators, but this doesn't hold much water (Waterloo is only served by South West trains for example).

The present situation does seem a little arbitrary, but given the problems the industry faces it isn't at the top of the list of things to fix, if, indeed, it needs fixing. The reality is that train operators often need to provide their own staff too.


The Following 18 stations are managed directly by Network Rail:

Birmingham New Street

Edinburgh Waverley

Gatwick Airport

Glasgow Central


Liverpool Lime Street

London - Cannon Street

London - Charing Cross

London - Euston

London - Fenchurch Street

London - King's Cross

London - Liverpool Street

London - London Bridge

London - Paddington

London - St Pancras (they operate but do not own the International station)

London - Victoria

London - Waterloo

Manchester Piccadilly