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On this site you will find a few published (but little known) works that that haven’t seen the light of day in formal print. These may or may not have been updated, so please just take them ‘as is’.

You will also find some articles or books that have been started but remain incomplete; again, to be taken ‘as is’. There is also some information about various books of mine, plus additions and corrections.

Please regard all this very much as ‘Work in Progress’; it is all liable to frequent adjustment and updating.

You are welcome to view the documents and provided you acknowledge the source you may use the information in accordance with normal copyright conditions. The documents themselves may not be printed or downloaded.

What’s new?

I have added some blocks below to advise of specific updates I make. There will usually be the last four on display. I hope this is helpful. I have now added another block (in blue) indicating something new on my blog.

Updated 20 August
My Modern Railways article on the London mayor's driverless trains proposal and issues it raises has been made available from my Rail Index page.

Updated 25 August
Lots of new parish boundary markers added to Part II.  I am making good progress in dealing with South London. Finding more than I expected. They are usually different from north London ones too, which is quite interesting.

Updated 14 December
'Clerkenwell detached' now added to register of parish boundary markers.

Updated 12 April
Some updates to UK train operators updating where we are with franchising

Mike Horne's Blog Updated 15 December
Update on the London Underground 'driverless' train concept and the approach being taken with the deep tube upgrade.

Mike Horne's Blog Updated 30 December
January 1864, 1914 and 1964. The fourth of my monthly blogs on things a centenary or so back. More Metropolitan widening and its move to new offices, District flyover at Earls Court, automatic lifts at Piccadilly, the first automatic ticket gates.

What’s the photo?

It is the roof of the new part of King’s Cross station. I quite like it. Let’s face it, it has to be better than the squalid 1970’s concourse area...

Related resources?

There is the inevitable blog, which I try and keep topical but it get refreshed in fits and starts. It may be found here. Mike Horne Blog; this will open a new web page, or at least a new tab. Items currently topical include driverless underground trains and the new bus for London. I can also be found at @machorne.

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Why Metadyne?

The metadyne is an intriguing type of electrical machine, akin to a rotating amplifier, and is particularly suited to heavy duty operation where constant voltage input needs to be converted into a constant current (but adjustable) output. The contrived name comes from the greek 'dynamis', meaning power. The machine had was found to be useful for certain types of drive mechanism, including gun turrets and cranes, and to a lesser extent, traction; under this name it was developed in the 1930s and 40s by Metropolitan Vickers and was a development of the earlier Amplidyne machine developed in America.

Whilst there are all kinds of stories I could offer you as to why it is relevant to this site, actually I was after a fairly ambiguous name and just liked it!